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Crafting A Well Lived Life

Sometimes I Do Stuff and I Try Things

Community Meal
The value of nourishment and community

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be Everything! An astronaut, a ballerina, an equestrian athlete, and most importantly, a doctor. I wanted to heal people. But to be honest, I really wanted to heal myself.

My childhood was a merry-go-round of trips to the emergency room and medical specialists. There was a laundry list of things wrong with me. But it all boiled down to these three: Allergies, Asthma, & Eczema. Together, these conditions created the perfect storm of inflammatory responses.

Any new environmental condition could set me off. Once, I was rushed to the hospital because I fell asleep on feather pillows. Another time, I ate a carrot, and the blood vessels in my eyes proceeded to burst. My body was a ticking time bomb, and I had to learn from a young age to recognize the instant something was wrong.

This meant my parents were cautious with me. My mother meticulously noted my health conditions and was diligent about my care team. I was surrounded by a group of doctors that did their best to serve me. I had a black woman for my pediatrician, a black man for my dermatologist, and a black man for my dentist. I was blessed to have a pharmacist within my family. I knew how to read a medical chart and memorized my medication list. It did not occur to me to fear hospitals or medical experts because it was all I knew.

Occasionally, a person would encourage my mother to take me off prescribed medication. Focus on treating me with natural remedies and holistic methods. But after many years of watching me struggle to breathe and live in skin that could barely tolerate water. She believed they were quacks, and I do not blame her judgment. My patient experience taught us pharmaceutical medicine was essential.

However, after a random near-death experience, I have decided to pursue a new path.

One of my favorite books is called Outlander, also known as Cross-stitch. It was about a time-traveling nurse named Claire, who landed in a time when women were not considered doctors and understanding herbs meant you were a witch. Claire fascinated me because she was trained in modern medicine but landed in a period where that knowledge was only as valuable as the present tools. Luckily, she spent some time studying herbal medicine and was able to apply her knowledge quickly.

On May 6, 2021, I almost died in my doctor's office. After recovering, my doctor refused further treatment for my general safety and well-being. I quit my job, packed up my apartment, and left Ohio. Luckily my family welcomed me to Texas. And I spent the year healing. I needed time. Time to come to grips with my failures and my pain. The only thing that mattered was my mental, emotional, and spiritual health. I didn't share my story with many people because I was not looking for opinions or sympathy. My true desires were silence, peace of mind, and rest.

I spent the year 2022 experimenting. I learned and practiced different applications of herbal medicine. Alternated between various forms of fasting. I traveled more in 2022 than I have in the last 5 years. I spent time serving those in need: disabled communities, our brave veterans, and my close loved ones. I made LOTS of mistakes and even more PROGRESS.

Crafty Wineaux is a dedication to what suffering has taught me. When I look at health, it's bigger than no disease or discomfort in the body. I've come to value that there is a state of balance for health, an equilibrium between physical, mental, and social well-being.

Linda Conroy says cultivating a nourishing diet, a nourishing community, nourishing relationships with ourselves, each other, and our home, the earth, is a life well-lived.

So this blog will be a revelation. You can follow the video format of my adventures and random musings on Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram, and Pinterest. All under the name @craftywineaux or @crafty_wineaux. I will post my triumphs and failures in the pursuit of a well-lived life. I have never been conventional, so do not expect my recommendations to be typical. Then again, what's the point of living if your only goal is to be normal.


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